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Tool box - why? 

Why should you provide water-use feedback?

Smart metering offers many potential advantages in terms of water utility resource and infrastructure planning, including automated meter reads and possibilities for improved network monitoring and management.

A logical next step is to more directly extend the benefits of smart water metering to customers by providing access to their detailed water-use information and provide a means for more active engagement with their water management.

Business Case

Changing consumer expectations

Customer demands are changing in all spheres of life, and expectations of water providers are also growing, with customers expecting self-service and individual control as a result of technology trends.

Water stress

Water utilities under water stress may face an urgent need to reduce water demand. The option to introduce programs that induce greater household water conservation can be appealing in deferring capital expenditures for a costly supply augmentation.


Funding availability

The availability of funding resources – either internally or through government incentive programs and support can also be a strong motivator for introducing a detailed feedback program.


Reputational benefits

Another possible motivator concerns so-called ‘reputational benefits’ that can be achieved by establishing oneself as a leader among water utilities through the provision of an innovative customer engagement or sustainability strategy.

Assisting targeted customer segments

Meeting the needs of specific customer segments e.g. high water users, hardship customers struggling to pay their water bills.



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