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Smart metering evaluation in Arnhem Land

The Institute for Sustainable Futures is monitoring and evaluating a Power and Water community water savings initiative in Gunbalanya, Arnhem Land. Smart meters have been installed throughout the community to address the high rates of consumption. As part of the evaluation, ISF will be using smart meter data, in conjunction with social research methods, to evaluate the behavioral change and maintenance components of the program. The analysis and evaluation will provide insights into the effectiveness of community education, household water audits, leak repairs and water efficient appliances. Smart meter findings will be presented to project partners throughout the project to inform the decision-making processes on community housing issues.


The findings from this evaluation will feed into recommendation for water saving initiatives in other part of rural–remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.


The research will quantify the water savings associated with;


  • Leak identification and repair

  • Retrofit water efficient appliances

  • Community leak reporting

  • Community education programs

  • Behavioural leaks


Research themes

  • End-use analysis

  • Leakage analysis

  • Community engagement


For more information contact Candice Moy.



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