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Leakage in schools

ISF were contracted by Hunter Water in 2012 to undertake an evaluation of water savings from its intelligent metering in schools program. The main objective of the program was to identify leaks in schools using intelligent metering technology and to assist schools in managing those leaks. ISF analysed intelligent metering data from 50 schools in the Newcastle region involved in the program to estimate the volume of water saved. The evaluation also involved investigation of program costs and comparison of costs, savings, and program logistics with similar programs in other jurisdictions.


Research themes

  • Digital feedback - web interface

  • End-use analysis

  • Leakage analysis

  • Organisational change

  • Technology adoption


For more information contact Andrea Turner.



Project outputs


Turner, A., Boyle, T., Mohr, S. (2012) Quantitative evaluation of residential and school water efficiency programs, Prepared by the Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS, on behalf of Hunter Water, Newcastle.



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