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Automated Meter Reading Scoping Study

The Institute worked with Wide Bay Water Corporation to identify the costs and benefits associated with a proposed new metering system which would allow remote reading of meters and provide time of use data on residential water use. ISF calculated the likely magnitude of costs and benefits, based on assumptions about how the system will be used, and comparing them - for both the 'pioneer' scenario (WBWC) with its escalated research and communications project costs and also a 'routine' scenario, where another utility might draw on the experiences of Wide Bay and hence reduce their total direct project costs. The Scoping Paper identified opportunities for WBWC to maximise benefit (including water savings) through the project


Research themes

  • Cost benefit analysis

  • Data management

  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

  • Technology adoption


For more information contact Andrea Turner.









Project outputs


Herriman, E.J. & White, S. 2006, 'Automated Metering - Scoping Paper', [prepared for Wide Bay Water Corporation], Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS, Sydney.









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