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The digital age of sustainable urban water 


Intelligent metering has the potential to revolutionise customer engagement and management of urban water by utilities. 


Informatics is the study of how to design a system that delivers the right information to a particular audience in a way that is both timely and meaningful.


The Smart Water Informatics (SWI) Research Network was formed in 2013 to bring together work in intelligent metering (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) by the Institute for Sustainable Futures (University of Technology, Sydney), Griffith University and their collaborators.  It is the goal of the SWI Research Network to expand the knowledge-base for researchers, industry practitioners and citizens to ensure that intelligent metering technology fosters sustainable resource management in a cost effective and ethical manner.


The research agenda of SWI spans the following themes:



























To find out more about the Institute's work in smart water informatics, visit our 

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